How to check your Facebook Privacy Settings


After the recent Facebook privacy scandal many people are concerned about what apps have access to their data.

Thankfully there’s a super simple way to check this. Simply click on this link to be taken to the applications privacy page. 

Facebook App Settings

I have always been careful when it comes to using Facebook, as you can see above. This is mainly because it’s been common knowledge how facebook treats your data for many years.

If you have a load of apps that you don’t trust then simply click on the ‘View and edit’ link and edit the settings or check the check box and remove it’s right to use your data.

If you’re on a mobile then you can change the settings.

On the Facebook app, click on the menu icon at the bottom right -> Scroll down and select ‘Settings’ -> ‘Account Settings’ -> Scroll down and select ‘Apps’ -> ‘Logged in with Facebook’ -> You will then see any Apps that have Active, Expired and Removed Access.

Just edit the permissions as you wish and be certain to make sure that you get rid of anything you’re uncertain of.

This is just a basic guide on how to change some of the App Permissions. There’s many more Privacy and Security settings worth changing. As a result I would recommend that you do the Facebook privacy check up on the Privacy page.


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