First Look and Review of The Netgear AC750 WiFiExtender

I picked up the Netgear AC750 Model Ex3800 to try and boost my existing wireless network.

This is what you can find in the box and my review will follow.

I have attached several pictures in the Gallery that shows the outside of the box and everything you can find inside.

Overall contents include:

  1. The Adapter itself
  2. Instruction guide/manual
  3. Some other literature.

Overall I wasn’t expecting much and there isn’t


The device can be used in one of two ways. You can either connect the device to your existing network and allow it to rebroadcast on separate SSID (There’s two, one for 2.4Ghz and one for 5Ghz). Or you can use it as a wireless access point to broadcast a wireless network from a wired network. Wireless Extender vs Wireless Access Point comparison.

Initial Setup

The setup was quite easy. You connect to the Extender via the SSID it broadcasts. Simply follow the instructions, sign up to an account and connect to your network.

I couldn’t get it to work by connecting to my existing network by typing in the password, however I did get it to work via WPS.

Once I had it connected I moved the extender downstairs and it’s working perfectly fine.


Whilst I’ve only been using this device for two days, I was concerned when I couldn’t connect to my network at the beginning and was concerned about drop off but I am quite happy with it.

I would like to be able to broadcast as a separate SSID rather than ‘MYNETWORK_2GEXT’ and ‘MYNETWORK_5GEXT’ and I will drop some points for its lack of such a feature.

Whilst I don’t like sites like because they are flawed I did test my connection whilst next to my router and then repeated the same tests whilst connecting to the same server next to the extender.

My incoming speed is around 18Mbps download, and 4Mbps on the upload. Next to the router I received 17Mbps and 3.4Mbps, next to the booster that was 14Mbps and 2.7Mbps. Not bad seems as the device is placed in a spot where I had minimal connection before. Ping remained at 31ms for both locations which is good.

So taking everything into account I would give this a 7 out of 10

7Total Score
Review of the Netgear AC750

A good little device that serves its purpose.

Wireless connection
  • Great price
  • Don't lose a plug
  • Broadcasts a decent speed with minimal latency
  • Ethernet port for connecting a wired device
  • Setup was simple
  • Wasn't sure it it was going to work
  • No option to customise SSID broadcast.
  • No network management options for new broadcast.


Last updated on October 11, 2017 9:20 pm
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