7 Things To Know About Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is Approaching Very Fast, so here are 7 things you should know before the big day.


  1. As one may expect, Prime Day is just for Prime Subscribers. – Get your 30 Day FREE Trial HERE
  2. Some deals are already live. If you head over to Amazon.com/PrimeDay or Amazon.co.uk/Primeday for UK people, then you will find some deals early.
  3. Prime Day officially starts at 9PM ET, 6PM PST and 6PM in the UK (BST).
  4. You can get an Amazing deal to join Amazon Prime and then you can join Amazon Prime Music for 99p for 4 Months.
  5. Owners of Amazon Alexa are apparently going to get some exclusive deals. Simply say “Alexa, what deals do you have?”
  6. You can get notifications via the Amazon App. – Guide here
  7. Missed a deal? don’t panic. If you join the waitlist as soon as possible then you may get a chance to grab the deal.


How to get Amazon Prime for just $49 Dollars or £39

How to prepare for Amazon Prime day

  • Download the Amazon App on Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.
  • Turn on 1 click ordering, you want to be able to checkout as soon as possible.
  • Subscribe to Amazon Prime on the 30 Day FREE trial and take advantage of all the deals.
  • Make sure your Bank/Credit Cards are good to go. Your bank may start to decline your payments after three separate purchases and you only have around 15 minutes to pay for an item after you’ve added it to your basket or otherwise it will be passed onto the next person in the queue.
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