What is the best HD capture card for the PS4, Xbox One and PC

In this post i’m going to look at several of the different capture cards you can get to capture your gameplay from your games console. There’s three major players in the capture card world, they are: Elgato, Avermedia, Hauppauge and Razer. Some other companies have made cards but these are the ones to consider.


Elgato have four different variants of their cards, the Game Capture HD, the HD 60, HD60 S and the HD60 Pro.



There are however several options available from Avermedia



Hauupauge currently have 2 items available to purchase.



And now finally the capture card from Razer.

Last update was on: October 23, 2017 12:04 pm



From personal experience with the options from Elgato, I would say they are definitely the safest option. The Game Capture HD software is really good and simple to use. If you do plan on going down the Elgato route then I would recommend the HD60 s or the HD60 Pro. These will allow you to play on the same display as you are recording due to the zero input lag.




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