Relaunching TheTechFeed in 2018.


Hello and welcome to The Tech Feed.

Originally launched in 2012 TheTechFeed was set up to provide some of the latest news and tech reviews. Even at that time the market was saturated with websites all offering the same thing, and as a result attempting to compete and be able to out perform these established websites was just unrealistic.

I have spent many years deciding where I would like to take TheTechFeed and so far it’s direction is pointing towards more dedicated articles that tie into TheTechFeed YouTube channel.

So for 2018 I will relaunching TheTechFeed and the associated YouTube channel. I’m not going to try and compete with other sites, trying to cover all of the tech news. Instead I will write more detailed ad-hoc posts.


You can expect an article that will nicely tie into a associated video, news highlights after an eventful week or month of tech news and then anything else which I find of interest and want to post.

I also have a large number of other websites that I would like to tie into my venture, more details on this very soon.

Most of the most important topics I will be covering are surrounding future technologies, thing like Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

I also have a keen interest in sharing knowledge and am a firm believer in educating people to a high standard. So you can expect a large number of tutorials on this website.

And all of this will be FREE. I don’t like spammy advertisements, so there won’t be any clickbait or pop ups. I will never consider the website a job and will only every be run as a hobby.




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